• Mick Davis
    Film Director
    “Dan Draghicescu is one of the most professional and likeable people in production, I have worked with.  In our numerous jobs together his technical understanding, and for me, more importantly, his ability to assemble and handle a top-drawer crew, was very impressive.  I've been busy in L.A the past 3 years, so I haven't had a chance to go over to Bucharest and do some work, but if I did, it would only be with and through him, on the production front.”

  • Pierre Rosenthal
    European Creative Director, Grey World Wide
    ”I did appreciate his TV producer  professional skills on a very demanding client (…)Dan has been (…)Dan has been  an  honest, responsible and dynamic producer by achieving a neat work. Moreover he always knew in a creative way how to manage production companies and film directors.(…) the Agency and the client were very satisfied by his TV producer services.

  • Dennis van Peppen
    Adviser, Government Program Partners for Water, The Netherlands
    "Dan Draghicescu is an experienced TV and film producer known to me as a very reliable professional who knows the ins and outs of the Romanian TV and movie industry. Something that is very helpful when making productions in Romania. Dan has always supported me extremely reliably with excellent advice on TV and movie productions. He combines great project management skills with good technical insight into movie and TV production."

  • Howard Guard
    Film Director, the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire
    (Dan) “… is well versed in production, and is without doubt one of the most experienced TV producers working in Romania today. He has a clear grasp of all aspects of production, and from all perspectives, i.e. client/agency/production company, and above all he has consistently demonstrated a firm but fair control of budgets, without compromising the creative outcome, which is invariably enhanced by his experienced hand (…) his cultural perception is very sophisticated and acute which makes the working process a pleasure, and is made easier by his great understanding of Romania and the market he is dealing with…”

  • Jordi Rexach
    Director and D.O.P.
    “We met first time in 2000 for Zapp Mobile shooting; latest one: Transylvania Girl in 2011. Great producer, better friend! Thanks a lot for everything!.....................”

  • Daniela Nane
    Actor, Bulandra Theater, Bucharest
    "We have worked together in Istanbul for the shooting of a TV commercial for Pantene. As a producer, he makes the actor feel confident and comfortable with the director and the whole team. As a result of that, the advert was shot quickly and the final result was excellent."