• The Sun
    These scantily-clad lovelies are the stars of a new Romanian advert that's proved a viral hit on the web.

    Over 100,000 keen motorists have viewed the advert for Asirom Mandatory car insurance which offers a How to... guide for coping with prangs.

    Making full use of their impressive hooters, the two girls symbolise motorists involved in a bust-up on the road.

    Not many of you will be looking at the small print but the promo's wording translates as: "In case of an accident: get out of the car... and inspect the damage... ask the guilty driver for an RCA insurance policy... fill in the friendly ascertainment form... if you can't reach an agreement, a police officer can settle your dispute... always buy RCA insurance."

    The serious message is that without insurance you'll end up behind bras, sorry, bars.

  • Scurtmetrajul romanesc "Fata din Transilvania" va fi difuzat pe 2 octombrie de HBO
    Undeva in centrul Transilvaniei, in unele sate izolate si pierdute in timp, traditiile inca se mai pastreaza. La casa in care este o fata de maritat traditiile si legendele ridica bariere doar pentru cunoscatori. Dar cand un tanar corporatist se rataceste in satul cu pricina, pot aparea incurcaturi. Scurtmetrajul "Fata din Transilvania" reda o interactiune amuzanta dintre universul idilic si atemporar al orasului romanesc traditional si lumea corporatista; doua mentalitati de viata diferite ce coexista geografic si interfereaza ocazional si neasteptat.